Customers Falling in Love with Clique

I switched to Clique a few months ago. The UI is much better/faster/predictable. Also, the developers are committed to improvements and already are implementing suggestions I have made. Customer service is responsive as well.

Scott Holmes

QuickBooks Online

We have been using Clique for several months now and are totally happy with the program. Even though we use QBO and can invoice through QBO, it's easier and more streamlined doing it with Clique and the data automatically flows into QBO. One of the great advantages I have found is that I can have a staff member prepare and send invoices out without having to give them access to the company's QBO file.

Patricia R Vesely

QuickBooks Online

My experience with Clique has been 5 star. Their product and customer service is superior and I highly recommend using them especially if you are looking for improved efficiency and great customer service.

Bryce Giemza

QuickBooks Desktop

Since 2003 I have been working with business owners helping them to process credit cards more efficiently, securely and for less by introducing technology and added value solutions. Before I met Clique I always ran into road blocks with business owners using QuickBooks to process their credit card transactions. While the solutions I offered were good, they were not good enough as they created more work. Once I found out that Clique integrated with the CardConnect API and I could offer businesses interchange optimization, Point-to-Point Encryption and an EMV solution, with a seamless integration to QuickBooks, I knew I found an added value solution that would help me change the conversation. Since I was introduced to Clique I now process for many of those businesses that had once turned me

Adam Moss

CardConnect Agent

This program is so easy to use! Invoicing has never been better for our company. The platform layout is awesome and being able to easily sync our information from Quickbooks made it that much more effective.

Airology Inc

QuickBooks Online

As a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor I have been using Clique to bill my own clients as well as help my clients bill theirs. Clique features a wide variety of features but most importantly it's the only platform that offers such a great looking e-mailed invoice. QuickBooks sync is instant and FAST! Next day funding with a late cutoff of 10pm ET is a huge improvement and helps my clients with cash flow. Both QuickBooks Desktop and QuickBooks Online are supported and customers who have been manually recording sales in QuickBooks have saved a tremendous amount of time and money.

I can't say enough about support. When I write to Clique and ask them about a problem or request a feature, I get a response within 10 minutes, and usually it's something like "it's fixed" or "we're on it". I always try to make my clients feel like I'm one of their own, sitting next to them, and I get the same impression from Clique.

My clients absolutely love Clique!

Alex Bondarenko

CardConnect Agent

Clique solved a serious problem for 3 large customer locations I was interested in processing for. They wanted to move away from QuickBooks and work with me due to next day funding and ease of record keeping. Clique made it possible. They were available to answer questions, fix or change anything that needed fixing and today I have a very happy customer whose three locations are running smoothly. Thank you Clique!

Judy Baldwin


These guys know what customer service is all about. they are responsive and quick to fix issues Would highly recommend.

Ed Charters

QuickBooks Online

We have been using Clique and it has been easy to use and great customer service.

Carla Lovell

QuickBooks Online

We've worked with Clique over the past few years and have had nothing but great experiences with them. They are very quick to respond to all our requests to demo their product to our merchants. The approval process is fast and if we ever have a minor wrinkle, they jump quicker than even the parent card processor to help the merchant find a resolution. Their solution, particularly for QuickBooks online, is better than anyone in the industry. Can't recommend them highly enough.

MT - CEO AdvoCharge

QuickBooks Online

Matt has been of great help with the customer service he has provided to my clients. He answers their questions promptly and in a professional manner. Looking forward to more future integrations with Clique.

Luis Gutierrez

CardConnect Agent

I have been very impressed with Clique. Their product is very simple and easy to use. I always experience quick response time if I need assistance and the integration into Quickbooks has been seamless. I highly recommend this product!

Shannon Cahill

QuickBooks Online

Thanks to Matt and the crew from Clique for making the integration of my credit card merchant and Quickbooks POS. The customer service is 5 Star. Thanks for everything.


QuickBooks POS

Clique just makes sense and when I do have a question, customer service is always top notch. It was also easy to customize. We are happy to use it.

Laura Wilson

QuickBooks Online

Clique has been an excellent addition to the processes we use to provide exceptional customer service. It has saved time not only for our customers, but also for our staff. Customers love the ability to easily pay online with either check or credit card. And when they call us, processing those payments over the phone is easier than ever before. The customized programming that Clique provided to integrate with Quickbooks was exceptional. The IT staff at Clique is experienced, knowledgeable, patient and detail oriented. Their post implementation follow up was terrific as well. Thank you to everyone at Clique for helping us!

Chad Dalles

QuickBooks Desktop

We have been very pleased with the training, implementation and ongoing service from the Clique team. It was a very big decision for us to make, but definitely the right one. It is easy and convenient for everyone in our organization.

Read Leaf Medical

QuickBooks Desktop

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