Online Invoicing Versus Offline Invoicing

In today’s fast-growing tech world business is rapidly growing and the competition is increasing. Before this tech age, there used to be so much manual work. Everything was handwritten and then proofread. This consumed a lot of precious time that people couldn’t properly manage resources for their business development strategies.

Then modernization prevailed and everything went upside down. Instantly the world felt like a better place for doing business and making money. Companies automated their cash flows and begin to focus more on their business development along with diverting some time on financial planning.

Automation helped the invoicing at its best. Everything got systematic and pre-scheduled. All the invoicing services that were completely manual went automated. There was no more need to hire a particular person to look after your invoicing process and financial management.

Online invoicing has many benefits over offline invoicing since its way too efficient and fast as compared to offline invoicing.

Invoice scheduling

online invoices

Scheduling Applications enables you to schedule your payment and billing procedures. They are timely scheduling your invoices according to you and your client’s convenience. This makes sure each and every invoice is sent on time and also the follow-up remains strong.

Whereas in the case of manual invoicing, the process is pretty messed up as there is no surety if your invoices are sent on time and thus it has no proper ways to keep your follow-up strong with your client.

Data Recall

The important data from invoices have to be kept safe and needs to be revised whenever needed. In an automated invoice software, the aggregated data is available at the push of a button. In addition to that, it also skims your detailed data.

While in the offline invoicing system the accounts payable professional has to remember all the important data. Thus, there is a chance you might lose something due to human errors.


A modern automated invoicing system will upgrade your work increasing processing efficiency and productivity. An updated financial management application will work with your accounting software, tax software, and employee management system.

On the contrary manual systems are hectic and complex with no inter-related systems.


Automated processing is mainly done online and is paperless. This reduces a company’s paper cost and encourages an eco-friendly environment. So with e-invoicing, it’s possible to reduce the additional paper waste.

Manual proceedings require multiple sheets of paper and ink to complete one invoice. Plus, the process is too tiring and hectic.

Multiple languages and currencies

On-line invoicing enables you to use multiple currency options, which helps your business grow efficiently and innovatively. You can easily carry your payment solutions in all currencies.

Whereas in the case of paper invoicing, adding multiple languages and currencies is practically impossible.

Switching from manual or offline invoicing practices to online invoicing brings productivity and innovation to your business. Choose the right tools like Clique Payments to take care of your invoicing and financial management solutions and grow your business efficiently.