Published May 10 2018

Happy and Satisfied customer with the services is the dream of every business owner, to achieve this every business need to interact with the customer at every touchpoint.By identifying customer touch points, it is very easier for you to deviate your business in a way that a customer wants. Thus, helps you in understanding your customer desire and discover the way to improve your business strategy.

What is a Customer touch point?

A touchpoint is a point through which a new or any existing customers come into contact with the business. This could be anything either to inquire about the product that you are selling or to join a newsletter for the email subscription.

By considering all the customer’s touchpoints, you have the opportunity to listen to your customer and make enhancement in your business according to the customer expectation and make them happy and satisfied.




Identifying Your Customer TouchPoints

Customer touchpoints can be identified by finding the time and the place at which the customer interact with your product or services. Here is a list of few touch points that are discussed here but they depend a lot on the nature of your business.

1. Measure & Evaluate the Effectiveness of TouchPoints
2. Determines the Needs that are Missing from your TouchPoints
3. Invest in High-Quality Customer Journey Analytics

Identify Missed Opportunities

Finding all the touchpoints that your marketing strategy is utilizing. You can further make use of these touchpoints for creating personas, business analysis and for introducing new technologies.

Survey Customers

Talk to your customer against each touchpoint, get a feedback from your customer regarding the product or services that your business or brand may offer and what attract their purchasing decision.

Find out where the Value Lies

After analyzing the feedback from the customer, highlight the most appreciated touchpoints, find the one that produces the best ROI? Which attract the customer most for making the buying decision? Is touchpoint beneficial towards your marketing goals?
The process of identifying touchpoints mapping it with customer expectation is a bit difficult, but always keep the end result for your customers. According to the Harvard Business Review, brands that the result is likely to purchase more, and more likely to be recommended to others.