Published Apr 05 2018

Nowadays, Customers have more power than ever. As a matter of fact, their positive experience can increase your business turnover. This is why millions are being spent by organizations today on after-sales support to not just retain customers, but built a stronger relationship and show its commitment to customers.

How do you retain customers and build a stronger relationship with them? Well! Most businesses do not recognize the importance of a customer complaint and the issue is often neglected and never resolved. So when a customer calls in to complain, it is because of a bad experience, an issue with the product or service or the product simply did not meet their expectations. Hence the customer will simply move on to a product or service which best fills his requirements, leaving them with a bad experience with you.

Therefore, always consider a customer as one of your business partner who helps you provide critical information about your product or service and can help you increase product life cycle if handled with the Right Attitude.

Here are some essential steps to resolve customer complaints

Listen Carefully

Listen to the customer carefully, and do not interrupt. Do not respond in a quick fashion and take the time to truly understand what it is they are really upset about.


Once the customer is finished, thank them for bringing the problem to your attention. Since the customer wants your attention and understanding, try creating a bond between you and the customer so that they know you have heard their concerns and are going to work with them to resolve the issue.

Offer a Solution and Execute it

Try to determine what solution the customer is exactly looking for and offer them a real solution instead of passing them through onto a series of people and denying their request. Act on the solution with a sense of urgency because customers will often respond more positively to helping them immediately.

Take Feedbacks

Take feedback from the customer about the product or service that you provided and ensure if the customer is completely satisfied, because all the effort will go in vain if the customer is not satisfied with the solution that you have offered.