Published Apr 12 2018

mCommerce also called Mobile Commerce or Wireless commerce. Now, any transaction can be completed on just single tap. It facilitate user to buy and sell any goods or services from anytime and anywhere by using mobiles phone or tablets. Therefore, we can say that mCommerce is simply the evolution of eCommerce.
mCommerce is not just a term used for buying and selling. It is much more than that. Here are the few tasks that can be achieved through mobile commerce.

Mobile Banking
Money Transfer
Mobile Marketing, Coupons and loyalty cards
Digital content purchases and delivery
Electronic ticket and boarding passes.
Contactless payments and in-apps payment


Future Trends of M-Commerce


1. Smarter Chatbots and Mobile Messenger


chatbot messenger


Chatbots and mobile messengers seemed like the invention of the fantasy world. But now today most of the reputable companies using them including; Starbucks, H&M, and Nordstrom. According to the Survey, 54.4% of users prefer messenger apps to get in touch rather than Email or phone calls and almost 46.6% of users prefer traditional chat.


2. The Augmented Reality Revolution


augmented reality






Most of the Merchants and eCommerce businesses are attracted to the idea of placing virtual objects in the real world in real-time, presenting users with information about their surroundings. AR is the tool to help in achieving this. AR is the interface of the future. Through this technology, the shopkeeper can gain the confidence of customers by helping them in choosing stuff that fits best with respect to their surroundings.


3. Single Click Payments and Better Delivery Options


Customers attracted towards the solutions that offer reliable delivery and quick payment rather than spending their valuable time on processing orders. At that time, there is good news for those people, future of M-Commerce is ruled by the players that will offer true one-click shopping solution like Amazon.


4. Voice Activated Search


Voice Activated Search


People are now habituated towards voice commands with Siri and Cortana being their mobile genies. Voice enable-feature facilitate the user in searching and buying product. Improve the shopping experience by allowing users to speak to your app and enable them to build their shopping cart without any difficulty.

Integrated payment systems can be used to ease your business financials and make everything efficient.