Clique Payments Inc. Allows Payment Processors to Integrate with QuickBooks, Xero and FreshBooks

Clique Payments Inc., a software development company based in New York has launched Clique, a new service that allows accountants, payment processors, banks, and ISOs to integrate their transaction processing with QuickBooks, FreshBooks, and Xero.

“Clique Payments inked its first deal with CardConnect. As a part of the deal, Clique integrated CardConnect’s CardPointe platform and made available to all CardConnect merchants at a discounted rate”. Said Syed Musab, Chief Executive Officer of Clique Payments Inc.

For merchants, Clique serves as a virtual point of sale terminal within QuickBooks and can replace the physical POS terminal. And merchants will not need to switch from their current payment processor to adopt it, Clique gives merchants a very easy to use interface that takes care of front office and back office paperwork in one stroke.

Clique will offer three versions of the service: Desktop, Enterprise, and Cloud. Integrating payment processing with QuickBooks is a major saver of time and resources for businesses. The launch of Clique is quite revolutionary and will make it easier and more convenient for merchants to process their payments and record their transactions without any hurdles.