Clique Partners with CardConnect

Clique, a startup based in the US offering expertise in integrated payment services, has now partnered with CardConnect to enhance your payment solutions and provide a way to simplify your business like never before. Clique features a variety of services and apps which ensure smooth financial management while CardConnect provides easy, affordable, and safe card payment transfers. This partnership is beneficial for their clients in many ways. It provides them an escape route from unreliable reporting, high processing fees, and poor customer service. “We are happy to have CardConnect, a subsidiary of First Data as our partner. As we are aiming at small business owners now together with CardConnect, we can guarantee them to see savings up to 40%. So it’s a game-changer deal for all of us.”
– CEO & Founder (Clique)
Clique customers can now enjoy guaranteed savings between 10% and 40% and an invoice tracking feature which allows you to view if an invoice is delivered to the spam folder of your esteemed client. You can experience a single-source solution as CardConnect’s processing integrates with major accounting software QuickBooks, Xero, and FreshBooks.
CardConnect makes sure that all your payments are secure with industry-leading PCI-Certified security solutions.
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