Clique Financials

For Enterprise users, Clique provides another cutting edge technology product Clique Financials.

This product is aimed at simplifying all invoicing and payment related issues in the most convenient way.

This app integrates with QuickBooks Financials and allows you to process payments, email invoices to customers and receives payments in a more convenient and cost effective way.

Void and refund transaction
Print Payment receipt
Integration with CardConnect
Once the plug in is installed in QuickBooks, you will see a menu item created as mentioned below.

When you click on Settings, following screen will be shown.

This screen has three sections.

Payment processing:
Option Description
When “Write transaction details in receipt notes” is checked The reference code of transaction will be written in the Invoice Notes.
When “Process payment on Card Swipe” is checked User will be able to just swipe the card on payment screen to initiate the process. No need to enter Card details.
When “Print receipt when transaction completes” is checked Once the transaction is successfully completed, printing of the invoice will start automatically.
When “Zip code is required for payment processing” is checked If user wants to make Zip code compulsory at the payment time
Payment Methods:
When “Enable Credit Card” is checked Card option can be enabled or disabled at the payment screen.
When “Enable eCheck” is checked eCheck option can be enabled or disabled at the payment screen.
When “Don’t ask me for updates” is checked. The system will not prompt user for auto updates.
Email Invoices:

The invoice screen fetches all invoices from QuickBooks and let Merchant to send invoices to its customers. The app will send invoice to the email address defined in Customer profile section of QuickBooks.

The app shows every Invoice with its individual Email status as shown below.

It shows Invoice has been delivered.
It shows Invoice has been processed.
It shows Invoice has been opened.
It shows Invoice link has been clicked.
It shows Invoice has not been sent yet.
This button is used to send Invoice.
User can also search invoices for a specific customer by typing name in the Search Box.

This feature is very important as it clearly reflects the current state of invoices enabling merchants to take proactive actions.

Customer Payment:

On customer payment screen, the app prompts if no payment method is selected. The app provides four payment methods.

Master Card
User can select any method and just click on “No Thanks!” if he/she does not want to do payment.

In case of any payment method selected for example Master Card, following screen will appear.

Here user can enter Card number or just swipe the card to get details. Two additional fields are available.

Address 1 (required)
Zip code (required if it is enabled by the user in Setting)
User will now press Charge button to process the transaction or it will automatically start if the user has enabled “payment process on card swiping” option in Setting screen.

Clicking on Don’t Charge option will prompt the user for confirmation.

If user chooses “Don’t Charge” then the transaction will be marked as Void.

We hope this new app will bring more productivity and convenience in your business and would give you additional cost saving advantages. Try this app and realize the benefits.