Are you paying extra fees for QuickBooks Payment Processing?

Published Mar 20 2018

There is no need to pay an extra amount for QuickBooks payment processing. Clique Payments is here to help you in payment processing through  QuickBooks by charging fees as minimum as 0.5%.

Syncing with QuickBooks is not Challenging annymore!


Using Clique is simple, all you need is an internet connection and with Clique, you can now start accepting payments from Clique Online and QuickBooks from anywhere anytime.

Clique Payments is a perfect solution for QuickBooks which helps merchants manage their accounting functions such as; account payable, account receivable, credit card management, and financial reporting. By reducing payment fees, It helps the user to keep money in hand and get funded within 12 hours.

Benefits of Clique Payments Integrated with QuickBooks


1. Transaction Management

Clique Payments comes with the feature that designed small businesses in managing their money by integrated with CardConnect gateway. It provides a single-screen view for managing all the financial records including transactions, settlements, deposit, and statement.

2. Dynamic Processing

By integrating with CardConnect gateway efficiency of processing financial information over the high speed of internet connectivity will get improves. Allow card-present and card-not-present transactions. Process credit, ACH, Check21, and eCheck transactions. Also, Payment processing can be break into multiple billings.

3. Patented Tokenization

Integrated with CardConnect provide transnational security. Security is achieved by converting data into the mathematically irreversible token. These randomly generated token are impossible to encrypt.

4. Automatic Savings on Business Cards

By integration with CardConnect gateway, level II and level III data can be pass automatically for all business card products that help in saving up to 1.10% on these card products.