7 QuickBooks features that work wonders in growing a business

QuickBooks is one of the most essential tools for accounting in today’s extremely competitive business world.

It is most adaptable to the smallest businesses and helps them expand their business. Its need is expanding day by day in all business firms, people really want to be organized by electronic gadgets these days. It is essential for both if you are having a startup or if you are running a well established business. Even the accessing process of quick books is very easy you can easily connect your credit card and bank account and categorization, and plug into the app for all your business integration. Your invoices are on place and easily customized through this accounting software following a very easy process. QuickBooks have a lot of amazing features that are extremely advantageous and beneficial in a number of ways.

1. Makes your business good
First things first, usage of a QuickBooks accounting software sure has a way of making your business look proper and professional. It lets you create customized professional invoices, sales receipts and estimates your business and your brand. It makes your business look bigger and better.
2. Organizes your Expenses
QuickBooks ecommerce integration has a great functionality of carrying out the everyday organization of a business. It makes several processes easier so that the company benefits in the long run. You can connect your bank and credit cards for automatic categorization and also plug into apps automatically through it.
3. Computerized Receipt-Tracking
Manual receipt tracking can be a very long process and does not guarantee 100% correctness. For an error-free receipt tracking, usage of QuickBooks is the best option. It’s easy, accurate and quick. All it requires is a photo of the receipt which must be linked to the transaction to get the tax.
4. Easy control of Cash Flow
One of the most key concerns of any business is to keep track of all the money coming and flowing out of it. As much important as it is, it can be very difficult at the same time. Doing it manually is impossible for business giants. They use this virtual assistant software to take care of their cash flow.
5. Enables Quick Payment
QuickBooks apps have a proper system set up that enables quick and convenient payment. A firm can add a PAY NOW option in their online invoice for one-click payments. Customers can easily pay from their credit cards, debit cards or bank transfers.
6. Easy sharing with accountants
QuickBooks accounting software allows sharing and storing of documents along with email. It lets the accountant easily share and access any document any time. It is one of the best ways to interact with your accountant about all the documents such as invoices and tax reports through a single platform.
7. Enhanced Payroll
QuickBooks enhances Payrolls, saves time and makes it easier to check the amount of taxes from the employee’s wages. It gives users the option of direct deposit to transfer salary to employees without having to go through a long tiring procedure.