3 Invoicing Mistakes You Must Avoid for Faster Payments

The most essential part of a business growth is to ensure smooth and streamlined accounts and financial management. Any disruption caused while managing the finances of your business can seriously harm its success. Similarly, invoicing mistakes can lead to severe consequences for your business. There is no best way to tackle them, the only way to deal with them is to avoid making any invoicing mistake in the first place by using online accounting software.

invoice mistakes

Here are 3 invoicing mistakes that many business owners are found making. Read this carefully and make sure you do not end up with a serious problem due to an unintentional invoicing mistake.


  • Mixing business and personal finances 

business life

It is certainly not a great idea to mix up your personal finances with your business while dealing with your clients. Although you can use a drawing account to take out some money for personal use from your business account, but it is better to keep them both separate. You might also want to set up a business checking account for business expenses.


  • Using a poor invoice app

Needless to mention here but many businesses fail to use a great invoice app due to lack of research. A great invoice app will take care of all your invoicing problems. It will keep a track of all your paid and outstanding invoices, send payment reminders to clients, provide beautiful invoice templates to make invoices customizable, allow your clients to pay via PayPal or MasterCard for faster and secure transactions, and much more.


  • Confusing Profit and Cash Flow

cash flow and profit

One thing that many business owners get confused with is the difference between profit and cash flow. While profit is obtained after you subtract your expenses from the income, cash flow consists of two components: cash inflow and cash outflow. Cash inflow is the amount entering your bank account while cash outflow is the money you have to withdraw for expenses and payroll.

What you need to understand here is that you can be having a great cash flow but still not be making profits due to increased payroll and expenses.


Make less invoicing mistakes and streamline your finances with an online accounting software.