3 Exciting Features of Xero Users Love The Most

There are many online accounting softwares being used around the world such as QuickBooks, FreshBooks, Xero and a few others but, Xero is the one stealing the limelight lately. Why? It is just simply because of its advanced and incredible features with an easy user interface that has led many small businesses and huge corporate firms to use Xero software for all their accounting and financial needs.

Speaking on a fair note, Xero does not offer much out of the box but it always makes it easy for the users and managers to access and utilize the software to streamline their financial management.

Here we are listing down five of the exciting features of Xero that has led it to having over a million subscribers.


  • Online invoicing done easily and with comfort:


online invoices


This Xero software lets you create, send and track your invoices easily within the system. The beautiful and customizable invoice templates in this software allow you to prepare an invoice with your brand theme and add your logo on it. You can create an invoice with any of the templates depending on the nature of your client.

Moreover, your customers can pay you instantly through the software via PayPal or credit card. This software also allows sending reminders and bulk invoices just to make sure you focus your efforts on getting more business while this software handles your finances for you. It also allows you to send an online invoice from your mobile, anytime and anywhere.


  • Online Manage your stocks with inventory management system:


This feature is something many employers look for. Managing inventory is not an easy task and this is where Xero software comes to the rescue. With its simple inventory management system, you can keep track of your stock and be aware of the real-time figures.

inventory management system

It allows you to see what are your best selling product lines and helps you analyze on what decisions you need to make for better revenues. This feature is particularly beneficial to independent retailers and wholesalers, or service providers who need to know the exact stock levels and values on a daily basis. Not only this feature helps in attaching documents to your data, but it also saves your time off data entry.


  • Manage your payroll like never before:


Payroll management


Xero offers an amazing and an easy to use payroll software which assists you in keeping your finances together like nothing else. Manage your payroll, pensions, and finances at one place with ease. The EMS integrated in the software allows you to track working hours, manage leave and process salaries from one place in just a click. Xero has recently released a mobile application named Xero Me which can be used by employees to submit their timesheets, view their payslips and apply for leaves.

Beyond any doubt, Xero is a big name in the software and finance industry and with its partnership with key players like Clique Payments which provides integrated payment services, it is bound to reach new heights.